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line, veronica. >> whenever we talk about in the 47 degree temperature, that's for national. a lot of other areas can be much colder. in fact, we're seeing temperatures north of us about ten degrees colder than that, or lower than that. so for tomorrow morning, though, could be in the 20s some spots. >> 20s? >> get ready to break out the coat. >> full coat. >> at least it's a saturday. we're going to see some of the lowest temperatures of the season, which means a lot of people may just say, hey, i'm going to stay in bed. stay in bed. sleep just a little while longer. we're at 40 degrees in clinton, maryland. alexandria at 43. 41 in bethesda, maryland. anacostia, you are coming in at 48 degrees here early this morning. meanwhile, we've got a mostly clear sky. early this morning, 8:00 a.m., we'll just have a few clouds around the area. mostly sunny, i think, chilly start to us at 42 to 50 degrees. again, that big range whenever
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you've got the light winds and the clear skies. our wind will be picking up today with a cold front, turning bees breezy by noontime. at 5:00 as we get into the evening hours. partly breezy, and gusty. no rain with it. so today kind of like yesterday, just a little windy. danella? >> i'm checking on things in virginia. i-95. your first 4 chopper report, that's where we're heading right now. southbound nice and clear really from dale city to the beltway. and road work looks to be completely over. a live look as you make your way past the occoquan northbound, a little volume as you head towards the beltway. nothing you can't handle in your travel speed, excellent. about 61 miles per hour. 11 minutes to get from the occoquan to the beltway, and continuing on 395, no problems there. nice and clear as well. from duke, no issues as you head over the 14th street bridge
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really in both directions northbound and southbound, you're clear. i'm back in ten with a look at your rails. aaron, you remember that? excellent. over to you. >> party time, absolutely. thanks a lot, danella. this morning a change of pace in decision 2012. vice president joe biden and gop challenger paul ryan put each other to the test during last night's debate. the two took jabs to each other as they spoke on several issues, including the economy, the crisis in syria, health care and abortion. both often interrupted each other. biden criticized ryan and romney for launching political attacks about the attack on a u.s. consulate in libya before they knew the facts. ryan said the attack shows the u.s. is projecting weakness abroad. the two also took jabs at each other over job creation. >> i've had it up to here with this notion that 47%. it's about time they take some responsibility here. >> did they come here and inherit that situation? absolutely. but we're going in the wrong direction. look at where we are.
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the economy is barely limping along. it's growing at 1.3%. that's slower than it grew last year, and last year was slower than the year before. >> on tax reform, ryan said there aren't enough rich americans to tax to pay for all of the president's spending. vice president joe biden says the only way to pay for mitt romney's plan is to raise middle class taxes. >> both president obama and mitt romney say they're pleased with how their running mates did in last night's debate. president obama watched from air force one as he returned to d.c. from a campaign rally in miami. romney watched from a hotel room in asheville, north carolina. the two presidential candidates will debate again themselves next tuesday, october 16th. fresh off that debate, vice president joe biden will host a rally at the university of wisconsin lacrosse president obama doesn't have any campaign rallies scheduled today, however, this evening he'll host a dinner for winners of a campaign contest here in the d.c. area.
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and romney will speak at the mobility super center in richmond. romney will also join his running mate paul ryan at a rally in lancaster, ohio. >> melissa mollet at the live desk. the european union has just won the nobel peace prize. the five member committee says the union won for uniting the continent and playing down the debt crisis. since 19, 95 peace prizes have been awarded. a maryland bus driver convicted of intentionally ramming her bus into an employee lounge will be sentenced. teresa drove her bus into a lounge in the accokeek school bus lot in prince george's county in december. afterwards, she waited for police and told them to take her to jail. prosecutors say she also posted on her facebook page the night before that she was done fighting and talking. douglas faces up to 53 years in prison. today a muslim civil liberties and advocacy group
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will put out its own ads in metro stations to combat the ads for pro israel. the american freedom defense initiative ads compare muslims to savages. a care spokesperson has not said what the ads will say but says they will promote mutual understanding and challenge hate. a montgomery county child defies death after a fall out of a window nine stories up. that 4-year-old boy fell from an apartment window in a building on piney branch road in silver spring. police say a tree helped break the boy's fall. the boy's family was home at the time. he was takin to children's hospital with a broken femur and aead injury. 5:05 now. the nationals had their backs against the wall, but some late game heroics by their highest paid player is keeping their playoff run alive. >> 3-2, and a drive hit deep to left field. looking up, way back, it's gone! >> jayson werth crushed a line
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drive walkoff home run in the bottom of the ninth to force a decisive game five. it was the 13th pitch of his at bat. despite the white knuckle drama, players say they are thrilled. >> i think i screamed so loud i almost threw up. it was unbelievable. that was -- what a great at bat. jay is one of the leaders on the team. it was awesome. >> adam rourb also came up big with a solo home run. and pitcher justin detweiler had a strong six innings and giving up just one run. and natitude was on full display after the win. there were signs of the hero everywhere, from werth jerseys to werth beards. he was also the big seller in the team gift shop. as you can imagine, because of the season saving blast, washington has a chance to close out the series tonight. game five starts at 8:37, and you can still be a part of it. standing room only tickets go on
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sale at 10:00 this morning. baltimore also has something to celebrate this morning. the orioles overcame a heartbreaking loss on wednesday to earn their own extra innings win last night. j.j. hardy knocked in the winning run in the 13th, and then the o's pitching staff held on to the lead for the 2-1 victory. that forces a game five for the o's and yankees tonight. first pitch at yankee stadium at 5:07. >> love it. good baseball. exciting, thrilling postseason so far. >> this is good times for baseball lovers right now. >> i just hope we win tonight. could you imagine how awesome that's going to be. >> it's going to be absolutely nuts. >> you're going to hear a lot of celebration tonight. 5:07. a true curiosity uncovered by nasa's rover on the surface of mars. the slow journey the space shuttle "endeavour" is making to its final home.
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a black bear and her two cubs are back in the wild after spending some time at a montana hotel. concerned workers at the hotel called animal control to tranquilize the bears and take them back to the wild. hotel employees and guests rounded up dozens of pillows and
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placed them on the ground so the bears wouldn't be hurt in the fall. fortunately, the bears made a safe landing. we're glad the pillows were there to cushion the fall. >> that was nice of them. >> glad nobody got hurt. >> maybe they were looking for a room to check in. >> they went from room to room. no, this one's too hard. this one's too soft. >> where's my porridge? >> 11 minutes after 5:00. a live look outside right now. we are expecting a day that won't get too warm and will lead to colder nights ahead. >> too bad. veronica johnson with the chilly forecast. veronica, good morning. >> good morning. we continue to ride the temperature roller coaster. right now we're on the down. it's going to turn colder, folks, tomorrow morning. this morning we're starting out in the 30s. mid-30s to our north and west. you can see those spots there. 37 in leesburg, virginia. oakton, virginia, at 39. 40 in sandy spring, maryland. capitol heights at 44 degrees.
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here's the hometown forecast for mclean, virginia. fr 40 degrees at 7:00 a.m. to 54 at 10:00 a.m. by 1:00, around 62 degrees. the high today 64. it warms up at least a little bit the second half of the weekend. there's that temperature roller coaster that i talked about. i'll have more in ten minutes. right now danella sealock. traveling in our area, if you're about to leave the house, excellent time to leave the house because travel lanes are open. a lot of construction taking place around the beltway, that looks to be gone. we'll take a look over the wilson bridge nice and clear in both directions, really from the wilson bridge as you head to the american legion bridge, no worries there. key bridge crossing that, inbound and outbound, nice and clear. aaron and eun, back over to you. >> thank you, danella. why who we call and how long we talk may be determined by the weather. also ahead, out of this world discovery. [ mitt romney ] look at the evidence of the last four years.
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under the president's policies, middle income americans have been buried. they're just being crushed. middle-income americans have seen their income come down by $4,300. this is a tax in and of itself. i'll call it the economy tax. i'm not going to raise taxes on anyone. my plan is to bring down rates to get more people working. my priority is putting people back to work in america. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. welcome back at 5:15.
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how about this for an eye popping discovery? a florida man was walking along the beach northwest of miami when he stumbled upon an eyeball. the man called florida fish and wildlife and turned over the huge eye for research. the florida wildlife commission has stepped in to try to figure out what kind of animal the eyeball belonged to. it doesn't look real to me. it looks like someone's halloween costume washed ashore. >> it's real, though. it's a beautiful blue. nice blue eye. >> look how big it is. it's going to come and eat you. >> they think it came from a large squid or a whale or loch ness monster. i don't know. it's a big eye. >> it is. >> hopefully, they'll figure it out. today the space shuttle "endeavour" is on the move to its final location. early this morning, it left los angeles international airport. going to be moved 12 miles down the highway. to prepare, crews had to cut down 400 trees and take down dozens of traffic lights. in some places the shuttle will
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actually come within inches of buildings. the shuttle will be moving very slowly as well, only 2 miles an hour. it's going on display at the california science museum. the mars land rover curiosity appears to have made a very surprising yet familiar find on the red planet. while testing rocks for chemical compositions, curiosity uncovered a rock that is the first of its kind on mars but very similar to the ones that are often found here on earth around hawaii and other pacific islands. nasa, though, is being very careful when it comes to describing what this means. curiosity landed there in august and is trying to uncover whether there was ever life on mars. the defense department is hoping the government and businesses can come together to stop cyber attacks. defense secretary leon panetta says a public-private partnership is needed to help security. it comes as iran made a series of cyber attacks on oil and gas companies in the persian gulf. they appear to be in retaliation
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for sanctions against the country. panetta called those attacks possibly the most destructive the private sector has seen yet. western ammunition and military supplies were found on a cargo jet intercepted by turkey earlier this week. the turkish military forced the syrian flight to land on wednesday. state media reports missile parts, radio receivers, and other equipment was found on board. syria called the incident piracy, and russia said the search of the plane was illegal. it further heightens tensions between turkey and syria that have been firing shells at each other since last week. 5:18. today test results could term whether a search will be called off for a missing girl in colorado. earlier this week, police discovered a dismembered body in a rural park. detectives are trying to determine if the person could be jessica ridgeway. the 10-year-old hasn't been seen since she left for school last friday morning. police found that body about seven miles from jessica's home but could not positively identify it.
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a pennsylvania court released a letter jerry sandusky's wife wrote to the judge before her husband was sentenced on child sex abuse charges. in that letter, dottie sandusky defends the former penn state football coach. she said her husband is a man of very high morals who always puts others before himself. she went on to say, she no longer has faith in police or the legal system. a judge sentenced jerry sandusky to 60 years in prison on 40 counts of child sex abuse. sandusky maintains his innocence. rains in southern california are causing big problems. take a look at this. a combination of heavy rain and soggy soil caused this big tree to come crashing down right onto two parked cars. someone in the office across the street shot this video and posted it online. fortunately, no one was inside either vehicle at the time. same problem not too far away in los angeles. those heavy rains anded floo flooding shut down several lanes
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of the 60 freeway for miles. even though it caused backup, no major accidents were reported. who we call and how long we talk may be determined by the weather. a british study of over 1 million cell phone users find when the weather is uncomfortably cold, hot, or wet, people tend to call close friends and family rather than their wider network of contacts. those calls lasted longer than those made on more pleasant weather days. i got nothing on that. >> you don't understand the correlation? >> doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. bad weather, longer -- okay. >> maybe because people are outside when the weather is nicer. >> you don't have time to be on the phone. i guess that makes sense. veronica, any theories? >> you're the expert in the weather department. >> in weather, not what people do. what i do when the weather is kind of lousy, yeah, i talk to my mom more. in terms of the weather trouble that we're going to have around here, you saw the rain, the flooding in the west coast
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there, in los angeles area. our big trouble will be the cold that we get. in fact, a cold start is expected for the day tomorrow with possible freezing temperatures throughout this entire area. could be looking at widespread frost too. fauquier county, loudoun, fairfax county, montgomery county, points north and west. that's for tomorrow morning, and it extends all the way north, those freeze warnings up into new york state and boston areas throughout new england for tomorrow morning. it is a chilly start here. we've got a mostly clear sky, a nice pretty light wind. it's at 5 miles per hour right now. your temperature, 48 degrees. at the bus stop, we'll be anywhere between 42 and 53 or 51 degrees. dry ngs cconditions, cool. you're going to need a jacket, and then it's coat weather for tomorrow. here's what's going on. high pressure slipping away. today's wind out of the west as that high pressure system moves away. out of the northwest as this
5:22 am
cold front comes through a little later on. right now the timing of that front looks as though it will be around 5:00. we'll have enough hours to see our temperatures go up into the 60s before that front comes through and our temperatures start to tumble. if you've got anything to to this evening, it is going to be a bit on the chilly side with still some wind left around. sunshine is on tap for the day tomorrow. then we'll see clouds start to roll into the area on sunday, not a lot. it's looking like a partly sunny day. that will come from the system that's been producing that rain out on the west coast. a big severe weather producer for areas of missouri and iowa on saturday. and look at all this rain stretched right up along the front for sunday. pennsylvania right down toward texas. we will get some rain from that system on monday. here's a look at your forecast for the afternoon. make sure clouds and sunshine, breezy conditions, could see some gusts up to about 25 miles per hour. we're at 60 to 65 degrees. that's about the range where we were yesterday throughout the area. again, for your evening, those
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temperatures will tumble quickly. 53 down to 46. and, again, falling into the 20s by tomorrow morning. there's another look at the freeze watch for tomorrow morning. in terms of the forecast then, we're going to be going up to a high temperature. we'll get back to the seven day in a moment. but the high for today, 64. in the low 60s still on saturday. then getting into the mid-70s on sunday. let's take a look at first 4 traffic now with danella sealock. >> thanks, veronica. i am starting with a look at the rails. if you're taking the rails, the metro, marc, or vre, not seeing any delays, all running on or close to schedule. on the roadways, if you're traveling along the dulles toll road, checking things out there. very light volume, really from sudley as you make your way to the beltway, worry free. i'll give you a travel speed. and hunter mill road heading to the beltway, that drive taking six minutes. connecting to the beltway from the dulles toll road, heading towards the interchange in both
5:24 am
directions, your travel lanes are open. and travel lanes on the outer loop at 66 miles per hour, that's pretty fast. that drive right now will take about 13 minutes. i'm back in ten. aaron, over to you. >> thank you, danella. expect some delays for track work if you decide to ride metro this weekend. trains will be single tracking along two sections of the red line between grovesnor and twin brook. and trains will share single tracks between ft. totten and prince george's plaza on the green line. it looks like some schools in our area are in pretty desperate need for repair. a new independent report shows many facilities in prince george's county are in fair or poor condition. only 30 of the 180 in the county are considered to be in good condition. it looks like it could take as much as $2.84 billion to get the schools taken care of. >> i think that comes into the part of the pta and also into the politicians to do something
5:25 am
better. >> it would be great to have the building and great to have the teachers. we agreed to have the staff. it would be great to have a lot that we're not getting in this county. >> the school board will review the findings at their next meeting on october 23rd. rapper nelly is free this morning after police in texas uncovered heroin, marijuana, and a gun on board his tour bus. border patrol agents stopped the 37-year-old's bus yesterday in sierra blanca. they found a small plastic bag of marijuana, 36 zip-lock bags of heroin, and a loaded .45 caliber pistol. police say one person on board claimed the drugs and gun was his. he was arrested. nelly and the others were released. this was the same checkpoint where fionna apple, willie nelson, army hammer, and snoop dogg got busted for having drugs. we should know for sure today whether robert griffin iii will be cleared to play on sunday. he suffered a concussion against the falcons on sunday.
5:26 am
there have been no setbacks, and griffin took about 80% of the snaps during his second straight day of practice yesterday. he will be checked out by team doctors one more time this morning before they decide whether he will get the green light to play. and if he does, hope he stays well. we really, really need him back in the game. >> yes, a lot of big guys around him for the whole game is what we need. >> yes, we need protection. 5:26 right now. coming up this morning, not holding back. the testy exchanges between vice president biden and congressman ryan in their one and only debate. ♪
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looking at the stories making headlines, right now at 5:29. sharp attacks from both vice president biden and congressman ryan as the two faced off in a debate. it's not airborne, but the space shuttle "endeavour" is rolling through the streets of los angeles right now for one last journey. and a busy interstate ramp is shutting doup for weeks as part of the beltway express lane project. we'll have more on those stories
5:30 am
throughout the morning. first, good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. welcome back to "news 4 today" on this friday, october 12th. 3-2 and a drive hit deep to left field. looking up, way back. it's gone! >> if they got to sleep last night, nats fans are waking up with a smile on their faces this morning after a dramatic finish inform last nig to last night's game. jayson werth hit a walkoff home run to give the nats a 2-1 win. the teammates say it was werth's night to shine. >> a great game between two great teams. unbelievable at bat by jayson, 12, 13 pitches, whatever it was, and then to put a swing on a pitch like that, it was an unbelievable at bat. >> game five is tonight. nats ace gio gonzalez will go up against adam wainwright, both of whom pitched during the nationals game one win.
5:31 am
you can still be there. standing room only tickets go on sale at 10:00 this morning. >> i can't get enough of this. it's so exciting. the celebration at the end when he came into home plate. >> it was pretty awesome. bringing veronica johnson. 13 pitches, i think it was, before he hit that home run, just biding time. made sure he needed to build it up and then knocked it out of the park. >> everyone is worth the penny, worth the wait. >> a lot of folks excited but tired this morning, as is the case with you, right? a little tired. >> i'm awake. i'm good. took me a while to get there. i'm good now. the chilly air certainly helps a little bit perk everybody up. tomorrow morning cold, but you can sleep in. that's what we're talking about for tomorrow too. right now we've got temperatures that range from the upper 30s to the upper 40s. big range. 37 in leesburg. benning at 48. mt. rainier, you're at 45 degrees. in springfield, virginia, coming in right now at 41 chilly
5:32 am
degrees. let's take a look at the satellite and the radar. last couple of hours, no rain. just a few clouds that are making their way through. just a few clouds today. a mixture of clouds and sunshine. so it's going to feel a bit like yesterday. it's going to look a lot like yesterday. chilly start for us at 42 to 50 degrees. by lunchtime today, not too bad. we're going to see a cold front approach the area. the wind is going to pick up a little bit. 45 to 60 degrees the temperature. we'll top out today just over 60. could have gusts with that front getting up to 25 miles per hour during the afternoon. it's after 5:00 and through the evening that it gets cold. upper 20s to upper 30s by tomorrow morning. i'll have more on that in ten minutes. right now first 4 traffic. >> thanks, veronica. checking the roadways for you right now. if you're traveling in the area, it still looks like a pretty good commute. you know on fridays normally the traffic doesn't really pick up until later. that's what i'm seeing right now. traveling in prince george's county in the waldorf area,
5:33 am
brandywine, even accokeek, not seeing any accidents right now. taking the beltway, nice and clear. i'll give you a live look if you're traveling in college park. traffic is getting by without any issues. and travel speeds from 50 to i-95. you're at 58 miles per hour. that trip taking nine minutes. i'm back in ten. aaron, over to you. >> thank you, danella. news 4's melissa mollet at the live desk right now with breaking news. melissa. right now the space shuttle "endeavour" is on the move in los angeles albeit a bit slow. this is video of the craft leaving the airport this morning, rolling out at 2 miles per hour. the trip will end at the california science museum, where the shuttle is going to remain on display. the track is far shorter and slower than what this craft is accustomed to, of course. it's a 12-mile trip. it will take two days. right now it's headed to a nearby parking lot where it's going to stay until this evening. to prep, the city had to cut
5:34 am
down hundreds of trees and sidewalks. at the live desk, melissa mollet, news 4. two of the three suspects arrested for beating and robbing a man near eastern market will be in court this morning. thomas macelin has been in the hospital since august and is blind in one eye and no longer able to walk or feed himself. his wife abby accepted a donation of $10,000. she also talked about a safety festival being held next weekend. >> be part of a greater community. this event is not only a reminder that we are a member of this community, but it is like a very real, visceral experience for us to bond together in a way that we should be doing every day, and it should not take horrible circumstances such as these to kind of inspire that spirit. >> tommy branch and sonny couti are due in court at 9:30 this morning. the third defendant, michael moore, waived his hearing. an alexandria woman will learn just how long she'll spend
5:35 am
behind bars for a deadly road rage attack. gloria mcmillan pled guilty in august to a deadly hit and run. she ran over 21-year-old shalinda arrington after an argument back in may. arrington was on her way to the hospital to visit her mother who was recovering from a stroke. several are out of their homes after a fire tears through a row of townhouses. this happened along cannes avenue in olney, maryland, last night. one home is a total loss while two others were damaged. it apparently started in plumbers were using a torch to work on pipes. neighbors were shocked to see the homes go up in flames. the red cross is assisting those families, but it does not appear anyone was hurt. new ethics concerns this morning for yet another member of the d.c. council. according to an independent review, council member jim graham violated metro's code of conduct while serving on the transit agency's board back in 2008. graham reportedly offered to support a developer's bid for a city lottery contract.
5:36 am
if that developer withdrew from a real estate project near a metro station. graham said he would not comment until he read the entire report. that report said there's no criminal activity. 5:36 now. a traffic alert in fairfax county today. right after the morning rush, vdot will shut down the left hov ramp from i-66 eastbound that goes to the inner loop of the beltway. that is in the maryfield area. vdot needs to permanently close the ramp to finish the express lanes project. all traffic will have to use the ramp on the right side of 66 to get on the beltway. the hov ramp and the express lanes are scheduled to open before the new year. decision 2012 now. virginia once again in the political spotlight today. this morning mitt romney is preparing for a rally in richmond. the republican presidential nominee will speak at the mobility super center. later today, his running mate paul ryan will have a rally in lancaster, ohio. president obama does not have any campaign stops scheduled during the day. however, this evening he'll host
5:37 am
a dinner for winners of a campaign contest at a restaurant in the d.c. area. this morning both sides of the presidential race will hoping the momentum shifts their way after last night's debate. nbc's jay gray joins us to break down the face-off between vice president biden and congressman paul ryan. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. as usual, both sides also declaring victory in last night's debate. one thing we do know is that those who watched won a victory because it was much more energetic, much more aggressive, and really dealt on a much broader range of topics last night than the first presidential debate. a lot of people saying that in that debate the president lacked some of the energy that maybe he needed. and we saw the romney campaign get a bump in the polls at least coming out of that debate. so going in, both of these candidates -- vice president biden looking to energize things while paul ryan looking to not dampen any of the enthusiasm that they feel like they gained coming out of the first presidential debate.
5:38 am
they talked about a range of topics from taxes to jobs to the economy. and also, some heated exchanges when it came to problems in the middle east. let's take a listen. >> we will not allow the iranians to get a nuclear weapon. >> they're moving faster toward a nuclear weapon. it's because the administration has no credibility on this issue. >> there is no weapon that the iranians have at this point. are you going to go to war? is that what you want to do now? >> we want to prevent war. >> they want to prevent war, but obviously not afraid to skirmish when it comes to the politics of this campaign. early results from the pundits, from the analysts showing they feel like it was mixed, that both sides came in wanting to do certain things, and both men apparently able to do that in the eyes of most of the analysts. it will be interesting to see if there's any bump from this. eun, as you know, usually vice presidential debates not considered something that moves the numbers that much. this may be a different year. >> absolutely.
5:39 am
we're going to be looking forward to the next presidential debate next week as well. jay gray live on capitol hill for us. jay, thanks so much. coming up on 5:39 right now. get ready for a sea of pink taking over the streets of d.c. this week epd.
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now, that's progressive. call or click today. 5:41. let's get a look at weather. we're starting out three to five degrees cooler than we were at this time yesterday. we're seeing temperatures in the 30s to 52 at pax river there. 37 falls church and leesburg to coming in at 37 degrees. take a look. by noontime, we're at 60. your high today, 64 degrees. so chilly and then breezy cool for later today. we'll take a look at the extended forecast coming up in ten minutes. danella? things look pretty good still on the roadways. as you're traveling along i-270, checking things out for you from frederick to the beltway, no issues to report. as you approach shady grove, travel lanes are open. and connecting to the beltway from i-270 heading to i-95 on
5:43 am
the inner loop, you're cleared at 60 miles per hour. that drive taking just ten minutes. i'm back in ten. aaron and eun, back over to you. >> thank you, danella. 5:42. still to come, fighting back against a controversial ad. one group's message for metro riders.
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i'm melissa mollet at the live desk. the european union has just been awarded the nobel peace prize for promoting peace and democracy in europe in the midst of the union's biggest crisis since its creation. they also credit the union for six decades of contributions to the advancement of human rights. the winners, though, surprising some. the chairman says this is a message to the continent to continue carrying on the same work. at the live desk, melissa mollet, news 4. 5:46 now. in less than an hour, thousands of people will kick off this
5:47 am
weekend with the susan g. komen three-day walk. the 60 mile walk is designed to raise awareness and money for a cure. megan mcgrath is live on the scene. >> reporter: good morning, eun. you can see behind me we have a sea of pink as thousands of people are showing up this morning to either participate in the walk or to help out in this huge effort. 60 miles over the course of three days. everybody here raised at least $2,300 in order to participate. the money, of course, going toward the fight against breast cancer. there are all kinds of stories here. there are people who have lost loved ones, family members, and friends. there are also many, many survivors who are walking as well, including susan. you were diagnosed a year ago. talk about how difficult it was to get that diagnosis. >> it was very difficult. i have three children. they're 7, 5, and 2 now. obviously, 6, 5, and 1 when he was diagnosed. i found the lump myself. my son was 10 months old, and i
5:48 am
had just stopped breast-feeding him. and then i waited a few weeks, and school was starting. thank god i went. i had a mammogram. i'm 38. i was 37 at the time. i was diagnosed october 21st. that diagnosis, what they could see was 1.6 centimeters. i had a bilateral mastectomy three weeks later, and it was 9 centimeters and had come out in three places. i'm very, very grateful. >> talk about that. you found your -- the lump yourself. the importance of doing the self-exams, the importance of going in for those ma'am many gr -- maammograms. >> it's crucial. i'm one of four girls in my family. but it's crucial to know your own body and be your own advocate. susan g. komen does so much to raise awareness and gives funding. it's an amazing thing to be a
5:49 am
part of. >> reporter: thanks so much for joining us. have a great walk. they're going to begin at 6:30 with their ceremony here this morning. they're going to start walking at 7:00. the numbers are down this year, down by about 700 participants, and there may be perhaps a link to a controversy that happened last january involving funding for planned parenthood screenings. we're going to get a little bit more information on that and bring it to you later on in the show. reporting live from the d.c. armory, megan mcgrath, news 4. 11 before the hour now. the meningitis outbreak continues to spread. according to cdc, virginia now has 30 confirmed cases of infection. 9 cases have been reported in maryland. one person in each of those states has died, bringing the nationwide death toll to 14. in all 170 people have been sickened in this outbreak that now spans 11 states. the massachusetts pharmacy linked to the tainted steroid shots has recalled all of its products. today a muslim civil liberties and advocacy group will put out its own ads in metro stations to combat the
5:50 am
controversial ads supporting israel. cares campaign is in sporesponso ant anti-jihad ads that went up in metro stations. the ads compare muslim extremists to savages. a care spokesperson has not said what the ads will say but they will promote mutual understanding and oppose hate. a prince george's county bus driver accused of ramming her bus into a lounge will be in court today. virginia drove her bus into the accokeek lounge in december. afterwards, she waited for officers and told them to take her to jail. douglas faces up to 53 years in prison. today a frederick county family will host an anti-bullying homecoming dance. this comes after preston deener was bullied in front of a reporter earlier this week. last week deener was suspended
5:51 am
from brunswick high school for fighting back against bullies in gym class. tonight family and friends are hosting that anti-bullying homecoming dance at brunswick park. they're expecting 150 people to attend. there will be petitions on bullying awareness for students and parents to sign. students at university of maryland meet with campus officials to discuss safety concerns. last night officials walked through university grounds and examined areas that students identified as unsafe. this comes as three students were robbed at gunpoint on campus wednesday night. police believe the same man is behind other robberies. a d.c. council member is ordering a crackdown on a property manager in langley park. this is an update on a story first reported by our prince george's county bureau earlier this week. people living in the bedford station, victoria station, and new bury square apartments say they're living in deplorable conditions. for years many complained of bed bugs and mice as well as holes in the floors, ceilings, and
5:52 am
windows. prince george's county inspectors identified more than 1,000 violations, but management got extensions to fix the problems. in a committee meeting, congressman will campos who represents langley park, said enough is enough. >> let us do our part and crack down on what's happening over there and do what we're supposed to be doing for these residents. please relay this message. we cannot give them any more extensions. they have had long enough to take care of these problems. >> all properties were foreclosed and acquired by an out of town investment bank. it is now managed by the lamar -- or larramar group with offices in the west and midwest. >> storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson is here with the forecast. we're talking about glove weather coming back. in fact, if you're going to be out this morning for any lengthy period of time, i'd say take the gloves. what's the worst thing that could happen? you're, what, comfortable. >> i'd lose one probably. >> just like the kids, right, eun? we're at 48 degrees currently at
5:53 am
reagan national airport. north and west of the area, we are starting out in the 30s. talk about cold. for the komen three-day walk, they've got cold temperatures coming up tomorrow morning. we have a light wind at least out there now. the wind is going to pick up a little later. bus stop this morning, 43 to 51 degrees. we're dry or cool. you're going to need again a warm jacket, a coat, maybe even the gloves for a lot of people if you're, again, going to be out for any lengthy period of time this morning. high pressure moves away. we get this cold front today. the cold front without any rain. another one of those. behind that cold front, temperatures will be dropping into the 20s and 30s by tomorrow morning. sunshine for saturday. then some clouds will start rolling into the area on sunday. just a few. it will be a partly sunny day. and some rain coming up for monday with another front that's going to be, i think, a big weather producer in the nation's midsection this weekend. could be looking at isolated tornadoes in spots like missouri and iowa. for us this afternoon, it gets gusty. a gusty 60 to 65 degree high
5:54 am
temperature. for your evening, we drop from the 50s, low 50s, to the mid-40s. your wind settles down, and, again, we've got that freeze watch. we'll be keeping an eye on the temperatures and keep you updated for the weekend. 73. at least we're warming up this weekend. danella? starting with metro, seeing delays on the red line. if you're traveling the red line this morning heading towards shady grove, here's the situation. at bethesda metro station, there was an earlier track problem. it's resolved. you still may experience delays as you head towards shady grove. over to the roads, have report of an accident. i-95 northbound in the quantico area near russell avenue, here's the situation. chopper 4 is enr route to check things out there. i am seeing a tiny delay as you make your way northbound. that's making me think this accident is not a report but actually happening. i'll be back in ten minutes with a report on that crash and hopefully a look from the chopper. people who live in prince george's county could see an increase in their water bill
5:55 am
soon. a council committee approved a possible 7.5% rate increase, and that gives wssc to add $5.20 to every bill. wssc requested an increase to help offset rising costs in service in prince george's and montgomery counties. both have to approve the final budget in the spring, and that's when residents will know exactly how much they'll be charged. 5:55 now. best buy is making sure you don't turn to the internet to find the best deals on electronics. cnbc's shartia brantley is live with that story and more. >> good morning, aaron. best buy is playing hardball. the consumer electronics chain plans to match prices of internet rivals such as amazon during the holiday'shoi shoppin season. the move comes as best buy is playing down concerns. stores being used as storerooms where consumers shop for gadgets and buy them online. the retailer is also planning to offer free home delivery for
5:56 am
items that are out of stock. and it's going to cost a bit more to send that bill or letter. the u.s. postal service is raising the cost of its forever stamps by a penny to 46 cents starting january 27th. the agency is also launching a new global forever stamp which customers can use to send letters anywhere in the world for a set price of $1.10. the postal service is trying to generate more revenue to offset a sea of red ink due to higher pension and retiree costs and a drop in mail volume. >> shartia brantley, thank you. a man trying to cook a squirrel for lunch. that's not wrong? i thought it was. sparked a fire apparently that lit up a dozen apartments. the man was using a propane torch on his deck to burn the fur off the squirrel. >> what? >> and the deck caught fire wednesday. am i being punked?
5:57 am
the flames quickly spread to the roof of that building. eight units were destroyed. fortunately, nobody was hurt, except for the squirrel. game four between the nats and the cardinals included a special reunion for one family at the ballpark. >> army sergeant hector banda surprised his wife and kids on the jumbotron. he's been serving in the afghanistan the past five months, and during that time his family has been stationed in germany. they were invited to yesterday's game for a salute to military families. the army asked banda if he wanted to go as well. >> they asked me if i wanted to go surprise her, but then i knew i had to take -- in order to do that, i knew i would have to take my leave right away. so i said, why not? let's take leave now. >> the bandas say they hope to do sightseeing in the district and here in new york. hope they have a great time. thank you for your service. what a wonderful and happy reunion. if you think you hate moving, wait until you see what's going on right now in california. ♪
5:58 am
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